Building a global network of scientists ready to act when crisis hits. 

Established in 2022

The International Science Reserve mobilizes the global scientific community to respond to complex crises across borders – such as the next pandemic or climate-related disasters – by establishing an open, global network of scientists and preparing them to act when crisis hits.  

In Step with the UN on Science for Sustainable Development

The International Science Reserve can help in fast-moving climate and health-related crises to protect progress on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Three Experts’ Takeaways on Gearing up for the Next Global Crisis 

The International Science Reserve hosted its first webinar to discuss how scientists and the international community can better prepare for and respond to crises ranging from public health to climate change.  

Growing a global network of researchers. 

The International Science Reserve has rapidly seeded a network of scientists who are poised to respond to the next big crisis. Over 1,200+ scientists have joined from across physical, life, earth, and behavioral sciences, from 90+ countries, seeking highly-focused, intensive, international collaboration needed for global solutions. 

Supporting access to open resources. 

With private and public sector partners, such as IBM, UL Solutions, Google, and Pfizer, and the National Science Foundation, the ISR matches scientists to specialized resources needed during a crisis. This equips experts to respond faster and more effectively with scientific and technical problem-solving. 

Practicing for what’s ahead. 

The International Science Reserve runs online scenario-planning, or readiness exercises, for scientists to explore different ways to apply their existing research to specific crisis situations. By rehearsing what would happen in a real crisis, scientists can work together and build collaboration in advance. 

Recent Tweets

Nicholas Dirks (New York Academy of Sciences) and Dario Gil (IBM Research) introduce the ISR

The ISR engages in the three-stages of crisis response (preparation, response, and recovery)

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