The International Science Reserve is actively recruiting partners and collaborating institutions to help build a global network of scientists who are ready to act when the next crisis hits. 

As a partner with the ISR, you and your organization will play an integral role in helping to mitigate future global crises by providing financial or resource-driven support. The ISR mobilizes global scientific talent, and prepares the network for the next crisis, such as a climate-related disaster, pandemic, or any other large-scale catastrophe. 

The New York Academy of Sciences (NYAS) is the coordinating hub of the International Science Reserve (ISR) and a non-profit organization. NYAS is responsible for establishing the ISR’s scientific network, identifying and securing critical resources, and overseeing the ISR throughout all stages of our work. 

The International Science Reserve partnerships allow for flexibility in the nature and extent of financial engagement, including three levels of support:  

  • Founding Partnerships
  • Managing Partnerships
  • Sustaining Partnerships

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To learn more about how you can support this innovative new program, please contact:

Robin Stephenson
Senior Vice President, Advancement and Development

Denis Flavius
Associate Vice President, Advancement and Development