Help support the International Science Reserve (ISR)  an innovative global network of scientific experts specifically established to prepare for and protect our world from new and emerging global crises.

As a Partner in the ISR, you and your organization will play an integral role in helping to mitigate future global crises by providing financial support. Launching in Spring 2022, the ISR will stand ready to mobilize the very best scientific talent, and engage global resources to prepare for the next crisis: a cyberattack, climate-related disaster, pandemic, or any other large-scale catastrophe.

As a non-profit and neutral International Non-Governmental Organization, we rely on philanthropic support to further our mission of preparing for and making the world safer from disasters such as COVID-19.

The International Science Reserve Partnerships allow for flexibility in the nature and extent of engagement for Partners, recognizing three levels of support: 

  • Founding Partnerships
  • Managing Partnerships
  • Sustaining Partnerships

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To learn more about how you can support this innovative new program, please contact:

Robin Stephenson
Senior Vice President, Advancement and Development

Denis Flavius
Associate Vice President, Advancement and Development