Meet our Partners

The International Science Reserve (ISR) is generously supported by our partners who believe in our mission to build a global network of scientists ready to act when crisis hits.

The ISR is actively recruiting partners and collaboration institutions. Join us.

Founding Partners

Hear from our Partners

“UL’s support of the International Science Reserve is consistent with our mission of Working for a Safer World. We believe that anticipating and planning for high risk events such as wildfires, pandemics, and electrical grid failures are both good corporate citizenship as well as good for business.”

– Robert Slone, PhD
Senior Vice President and Chief Scientist, UL Solutions

“The world needs the International Science Reserve. Our current crises demand that we innovate again, and this time, an International network of scientists spanning the private sector, academia, non-profits, and government, all united in a commitment to share expertise, prepare, and serve, is the right recipe to meet the needs of the world.”

– Dario Gil, PhD
Senior Vice President and Director, IBM Research

“Pfizer has been at the forefront of the pandemic response, aligning with ISR’s focus on preparing and mobilizing scientists to augment existing response organizations in times of crisis. We are proud to be among the founding partners of this important initiative.”

– Aida Habtezion, MD, Mac, FRCPC, AGAF
Senior Vice President, Chris Medical Officier and Head of Worldwide Medical & Safety, Pfizer Inc.