The International Science Reserve was established to more effectively leverage the global scientific resources needed to address future crises. You can be a part of the ISR community through a financial donation, submitting a research proposal, or providing key resources. In addition, you can support the ISR by helping us to spread the word about the ISR and its mission.

Join the Science Community

Scientists are critical to the ISR and are encouraged to join the community, submit proposals, engage in convenings, and share the learnings and mission of the ISR.

Support the ISR with Key Resources

Support the ISR by providing resources to our scientific community. Resources might include such needs as:

  • Lab space/supplies
  • High-performance computing
  • Expert Volunteers (e.g., AI researchers, data analysts,..)
  • Datasets
  • Advanced technologies (e.g. remote sensing, drones)

Become a Partner

As a Partner in the ISR, you and your organization play an integral role in helping to mitigate future global crises by providing financial support.