The International Science Reserve leadership team conducts detailed research and analysis on what types of crises should fall within the scope of our work, using the following two criteria: 

Global impact – The crisis type includes events of a transnational scale that could benefit from a global response.  

Ability to effect solutions through science – The crisis type is one where scientists can make a difference using key resources that the ISR can help mobilize. 

The ISR is committed to ongoing research and monitoring of identified crisis types. When a crisis of transnational scale and sufficient urgency occurs, the Executive Board mobilizes the ISR.

Our Crisis Status


In preparation for a crisis, the ISR engages the scientific community and lines up critical resources that can accelerate their work. The ISR also conducts readiness exercises and monitors developing situations to determine when to declare a crisis.


In a declared crisis, the ISR mobilizes to inform scientists and resource providers and begins accepting proposals for responses. We match these proposals with critical resources, and as the responses produce results, we share the resulting knowledge.

Proposal submissions now closed

Although proposals are no longer accepted, the ISR provides ongoing monitoring of proposal status and continues to share knowledge resulting from the accepted proposals.

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