The International Science Reserve is building an operating model to support scientists as they work to solve or mitigate global crises.  

ISR’s Crisis Response Model 

Preparation and Readiness Exercises 

A fundamental goal of the International Science Reserve is to prepare networks and communities of science experts and science resource providers to work together during a global crisis such as the next pandemic or climate-related disasters. Readiness exercises are a key part of this preparation, giving key stakeholders and science experts a chance to consider different kinds of crises and prepare an appropriately resourced and effective scientific response. 

Why We Conduct Readiness Exercises

Our readiness exercises help scientists develop research ideas, help the network better understand how resources will be deployed in the future, and produce recommendations to increase scientific understanding on anticipated impacts from crises worldwide. Every readiness exercise has real-world crisis scenarios that were created in consultation with subject matter experts. 

Where We Conduct Readiness Exercises 

In 2023, the ISR will launch a new community platform, where our growing network can come together to: prepare, learn, collaborate, and be ready to better carry out scientific work in times of crisis. We hope that members of the ISR Community will use this platform to:  

  • Prepare and learn: by participating in mini-readiness exercises  
  • Grow their research resource bank: through specialized resources made available on this platform during a declared crisis, and from content shared within the community and the ISR  
  • Connect with others: through community discussions, and facilitated collaborations  

What We Do

Explore the International Science Reserve’s mission and values, and read an overview of what we aim to achieve.

How We Declare a Crisis

See how ISR leadership conducts detailed research and analysis on what types of crises fall within the scope of our work.