Science community

Science community

ISR Community: Scientists without Borders

The ISR Science Community is a network of leading scientists from around the world working together to accelerate research to address complex global crises. In addition to spanning continents, the community is multi-disciplinary with researchers from life sciences, physical sciences, data and technology, behavioral sciences, and social sciences.  

A Global Community

The ISR science community is made up of 1,000+ researchers from 90+ countries. Explore our interactive map below to see our community makeup.


A Multi-Disciplinary Community

The ISR science community is made up of scientists from a wide range of research disciplines.


Meet the Community

To celebrate the ISR Science Community, we are pleased to feature a few of the members who contributed to crisis simulations. 

Roberto Dias
Scientific Director of Microbiote
Fundação Arthur Bernardes/Petrobras, Universidade Federal de Viçosa,
"As scientists, we can prevent real crises. I participated in the ISR Readiness Exercise because this type of exercise makes our research matter by allowing us to think in advance, think about the future. When a crisis arrives, we can have strong projects or concepts that are ready to help mitigate disasters."

- Roberto Dias

Role of the ISR Science Community

During a declared crisis, the ISR will send out an urgent call to the scientific community to submit proposals. These proposals offer researchers the chance to seek collaborators and resources that will accelerate their crisis-related research.

To prepare for a crisis, the ISR conducts readiness exercises including simulations of proposal submissions by scientists. By leveraging the knowledge and relationships developed in these exercises, the members of the ISR science community and network will be able to leap into rapid response when a crisis is declared. The ISR will also use the readiness exercises to identify critical gaps in the scientific resources available to address complex crises, and will work with the scientific community to develop roadmaps to collectively address these gaps. 

The ISR was founded on the belief that the preparation that occurs before a crisis incident is critical to reducing response times, improving coordination, and mitigating impact.  By joining the ISR Community: Scientists without Borders,  scientists become part of an international network committed to rapid crisis response. Join us in ensuring science during a crisis is not science as usual. 

Reasons to Join

Join the Scientists without Borders @ ISR Community:

  • Gain access to resources to accelerate your research.
  • Receive global exposure and be valued for your contributions to crisis resolution.
  • Contribute to crisis solutions through real-world application of your research. 
  • Access a borderless global network of experts.
  • Develop in your field through knowledge sharing, networking, and community connections.
  • Ensure you do not miss any critical crisis communication updates.