Play Your Part: Digital Games Prepare Scientists for Crisis 

Date: June 18th, 2024 Location: Online


Can digital games help scientists prepare for crisis? By using play to simulate real-world conditions and response options for fast-moving global crises like climate-related emergencies or a novel pandemic, games have the potential to let scientists think in advance about how to apply their research in complex disaster scenarios. The International Science Reserve is developing a series of games to help researchers explore various crises outside their immediate expertise and make informed decisions about how to participate in handling difficult situations. 

Join science reporter Ari Daniel on June 18th from 1-1:45PM ET in a conversation with theoretical physicist and science educator Greg Kestin, and creative producer Daryl Choa, as they discuss the process of creating digital games that are engaging and educational for scientists. They will bring their professional expertise to consider what goes into creating games including the use of AI and how play can help scientists better prepare for the next big crisis. 

By attending this webinar, you will: 

  • Get an exclusive walkthrough of the ISR games currently in development 
  • Hear about the ISR’s digital game design process for scientific crisis preparation 
  • Learn more broadly about the spread of digital games, what features make them sing, how they’re being used in the world, and see a few examples 
  • Hear about the value of gaming as a teaching and learning tool 
  • Learn about how AI can be used to create games 

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